Catering entrepreneurs concerned about admission ticket: ‘Where do I get staff from?’

despondent. That is somewhat the summary of how Hanneke van de Laarschot, owner of Bagels & Beans in Bussum, felt when it became known that the catering industry should start working with admission tickets.

“My first thought is: leave that one and a half meters as it is, because I don’t have the manpower and time to check everyone,” says Van de Laarschot. “I also expect that I will notice it in my turnover: I think quite a few people will be put off. Or because the threshold is higher, or because they are not vaccinated and do not want to test.”

Wait and see

She hopes that the checks will be accessible. “We’ll have to wait and see. But for now I think: well. How are we going to do this?”

Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN) also points to the lack of personnel to carry out the checks. “There is already a staff shortage and entrepreneurs do not want to have to turn people away,” says spokesperson Natasja de Jonge of Royal Horeca Nederland (KHN).

According to KHN, checking the corona pass does not take much time on paper, but entrepreneurs do not see how to do that. “They think it’s hassle. And do they have the equipment to read a QR code?”, says De Jonge.

“It is a measure that was somewhat in line with expectations,” says Marcel Schlaman, owner of News CafĂ© in Groningen. “It does not surprise me that the catering industry has to cooperate again to reduce or keep the number of infections low. That has of course been the case for a year and a half.”


Above all, he hopes that the CoronaCheck app will be easy to use, both for guests and for his employees. “I hope that the app is so watertight that I only have to check the QR code, and not also an ID card or passport or driver’s license. That will take a lot of time, we have 400 to 500 customers a day. “

What he is also concerned about: what will happen with staff who do not want to be vaccinated? “I cannot explain it to guests and myself that they do need a negative test result or certificate, and the people in the kitchen or service do not. Something has to be devised for that. Only then can the one and a half meters be completely released in my eyes.”

What about exactly?

The one and a half meter rule will disappear as of September 25 and corona tickets will be mandatory for everyone from 13 years old in the catering and cultural sector. The home working advice will also not change for the time being and the night catering must remain closed between midnight and 6.00 am.

These are broadly the results of the Catshuis deliberation, insiders report to the political editors of RTL Nieuws. The measures will be announced tomorrow at a press conference by outgoing Prime Minister Rutte and healthcare minister De Jonge.

Lieky Kok finds it ‘wonderful’ that that one and a half meters will no longer be there. She owns darts and billiard cafe ‘t Huessenaartje in Huissen and was tired of enforcing that measure. But that corona pass… She still has her doubts about that. “Now people just walk in with us, that will be less easy later. It also comes across less hospitable, that you have to check people first.”

Regular guests too?

She is not concerned about her clientele. It mainly consists of regulars. “Most have been vaccinated, everyone will continue to come. But officially checking with an ID card … that might also be a bit crazy. We know everyone by first and last name, some have been coming here for years. All those regular guests suddenly start formally checking.”

Concert hall TivoliVredenburg says that scanning QR codes is ‘no problem at all’. “We are equipped for that,” says director Jeroen Bartelse. He is happy that he can remove the chairs from the concert hall, that there is more room than the 300 people he was able to accommodate in the past period.

On the other hand, he is concerned about the already sold-out concerts that can now take place. Since only 75 percent of the total capacity may still be admitted, Bartelse wonders: what do we do with the 25 percent that we cannot lose?

“In addition, we will also feel it financially if we are not allowed to be 100 percent full,” says Bartelse. “But the aid will be abolished.”

‘Back to start’

Herman Hell, owner of Hells Kitchen Horeca Groep, which includes all kinds of Rotterdam catering industry, is therefore very critical of the leaked relaxation. On Twitter he sums up: “Introduction of corona pass, stop financial aid from October 1, still limited opening hours, removal of the one and a half meters that hardly exists in practice anymore.” Hell’s conclusion: “We’re only going backwards. Un-fucking-believable.”

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