Caution: New StVO is a driver’s license killer!

Caution: New StVO is driving license killer!

With the new StVO a driving ban threatens much faster. This could cost motorists in Germany two million driver’s licenses every year – including yours!

DGermany discusses the new regulation on fines. And is angry! The Federal Council was initiated by Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) Amendment to the Road Traffic Regulations tightened again. Actually, it was about strengthening the rights of cyclists, punishing the annoying second-row and cycle path parkers and preventing the escape alleys. Who thought that Increase the wrong parking ticket from 15 to 25 euros would be the worst, he had to learn: it is even harder. In the future, speeding sinners from 21 km / h too much (urban) or from 26 km / h (extra-urban) will not only face a hefty fine and a point in Flensburg, but also one month driving ban. In plain language: rags away! The new road traffic regulations have been in effect for almost two weeks. She punishes violations of speed draconically: A driving ban can be imposed simply because of a slightly excessive speed. Read in this BILDplus article why your driver’s license is also in acute danger!

The new StVO is a driver’s license killer

The new StVO threatens a driving ban much faster than before. That could cost two million driver’s licenses every year – including yours!


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