Caution: “Telekom Online Security Check” leads into a trap

Don’t fall for the “Telekom Online Security Check”. This is how cyber gangsters lure Telekom customers into a trap.

Consumer advocates warn of a “Telekom Online Security Check”. This is a dangerous attack.

As original as the pretext for the new wave of attacks is, the method is just as old-fashioned: phishing emails! Cyber ​​gangsters send phishing emails to potential victims in order to persuade them to carry out the ominous “Telekom Online Security Check”. Deutsche Telekom does not offer a “Telekom Online Security Check” in this form and under this name at all.

The fraudulent emails have the subject line “security check”. The e-mail, which begins with a large magenta-colored banner with the Telekom logo, reads that the customer must confirm that his e-mail address is active as part of a check. This “security check” is mandatory to verify the identity of the customer. The e-mail then contains a link that should lead to this “Telekom Online Security Check”. This is also intended to protect the user’s data from access by third parties and identity theft. The e-mail even contains a link for contacting the recipient to weigh in safety.

How to react correctly

Delete the email without clicking any of the links in it.

Always use the correct link saved in your browser as a bookmark or favorite to open the Deutsche Telekom website and your customer accounts.

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