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First Milka, now Lindt: Fraudsters lure users into a trap via Whatsapp messages with an alleged competition.

Only recently we warned about fake Milka sweepstakes, which scammers use to try to lure Whatsapp users into a trap at Easter. Now there are reports of an almost identical scam in which the good name of the manufacturer “Lindt” is abused.

The Whatsapp users receive a message in which they are informed that Lindt is celebrating “70 years of gold rabbit” and that there is therefore “7 x 10,000 euros to WIN”. The security portal Mimikama reports on this and also published this screenshot from the Whatsapp message:

Attention trap: The competition is not from Lindt!


Attention trap: The competition is not from Lindt!


True is:

In fact, Lindt is celebrating the 70th birthday of the gold bunny this year, as can also be seen on this Lindt page. And there is also a competition from Lindt, in which 7 times 10,000 euros each can be won.

However, the action does not take place via Whatsapp!

In the alleged Lindt sweepstakes

via Whatsapp for a fake. This can be recognized, among other things, by the Russian “wp20-ru” URL specified, to which the scammers want to lure the recipients of the message. There, the users should then answer several questions on a website that appears to be from Lindt and forward the competition to at least 20 Whatsapp contacts. Similar to the fake Milka sweepstakes. So the same scammers seem to be behind it.

In fact, of course, there is nothing to win, but the scammers are only concerned with getting the personal data of the users and ensuring that the fake competition is distributed. At the end of the alleged competition, an attempt is made to sell users expensive subscriptions. It cannot be ruled out that malware could end up on the device.

Hence the recommendation:

Delete the Whatsapp message immediately and in no case do not click on the link in the Whatsapp message. Also, of course, you should not forward this message to your contacts! Instead, inform the rather inexperienced Whatsapp users in your environment that such attempts at fraud are currently taking place via Whatsapp and that these messages should be deleted immediately.

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