CBS: energy bill this year on average 60 euros lower

In percentage terms, households spend 3.8 percent less on their energy bill every year. The decrease is mainly attributable to lower energy prices.

Rate decrease

And those prices fell again mainly because the variable supply tariffs for gas and electricity went down, the amount you pay per cubic meter of gas or kilowatt-hour of electricity. For gas this tariff fell by almost 18 percent, for electricity by more than 9 percent.

On an annual basis, this results in savings of 68 euros (for gas) and 18 euros (for electricity), together 86 euros. On the other hand, there is a price increase for the fixed supply costs of energy. In 2021, a household will spend an average of 6 euros more for gas and 20 euros for electricity.

Working from home

The average purchase of gas and electricity from energy companies has been declining for years, partly due to the installation of solar panels and more energy-efficient houses and appliances.

Statistics Netherlands expects this trend to continue. At least in the long term, because due to the corona crisis and the accompanying working from home, it could well be that energy consumption will increase in 2021.

There is also the winter weather. The freezing cold that recently held the Netherlands in its grip for a week costs a household on average 20 euros extra in heating costs (at least if you use gas). Although it is not immediately possible to say whether your energy bill will increase on an annual basis.

1 euro extra

The taxes that households have to pay on the energy supplied to them will hardly affect the energy bill in 2021, says Statistics Netherlands. The energy tax on gas will increase, but that on electricity will decrease. The average energy tax refund is also higher, which means that on balance we lose approximately 1 euro extra annually.

The energy bill decreases for almost all households. However, according to Statistics Netherlands, the total energy bill differs greatly per household and type of housing. Heating behavior, lifestyle, the use of energy-efficient appliances, but also the insulation of a house and the type of house all have an impact on energy costs.


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