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This is evident from preliminary figures from Statistics Netherlands, made at the request of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. The statistics bureau looked at companies with 2 to 250 employees that used NOW 1, NOW 2 or both. Especially in the hotel and catering industry and trade, there were many companies that made use of both schemes.

In total, compensation has been distributed 110,000 times, mainly companies with 2 to 10 employees.

Hospitality and trade

The percentage that used both schemes is highest in the hotel and catering industry and trade. Only in the cultural sector and in rental and other business services did more than half of the companies with a NOW scheme make use of both the first and the second counter. In the healthcare sector, the share of companies that only participated in NOW 1 was the largest at 82%.

In general, NOW 2 was used less often than NOW 1. This was in part due to dental practices, optical stores and hairdressers. According to Statistics Netherlands, this can be explained because companies in these branches were allowed to receive customers again after a temporary closure during the first lockdown. 82% of dental practices used NOW 1, against 5% of NOW 2. In travel and transport sectors, companies relatively often applied for NOW 2.

Fixed charges

A total of 96,000 companies also received an allowance for fixed costs (TOGS or TVL 1). The TOGS scheme was especially popular with catering entrepreneurs, 9 out of 10 businesses took part in it. At TVL-1, entertainment venues such as fairground attractions, theaters and cinemas stand out in particular. A minority of the participating companies (18%) used both TOGS and TVL 1.


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