CCleaner 6: New performance optimizer for up to 34% more speed & battery life

CCleaner 6 is available for download. The new version of the well-known optimization tool now has a patented performance optimizer. That’s how it’s supposed to work.

The well-known optimization tool CCleaner has been released in version 6.00.9727. According to their own statements, the makers have improved the software update mechanism compared to the 5 series predecessor. This well-known function checks all programs installed on the Windows system to see whether they are up to date or whether there are updates that should be installed. Compared to the previous version, the software updater now supports an additional 50 programs.

New: Performance optimizer

Above all, however, the developers want to have integrated a “patented” performance optimizer. According to the developers themselves, this should “get up to 34 percent more speed and battery life out of the PC and enable a better gaming experience.” However, this performance optimizer is only part of CCleaner 6


. You can download this Pro version here and test it for free for 14 days. After that, you either have to license the Pro version (one year for a PC costs 24.95 euros) or you can only continue to use the freeware version afterwards.

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According to the IT news portal Betanews, CCleaner 6 discovers all apps and running services on the computer with the new performance optimizer and can identify background tasks. Activities that CCleaner classifies as unnecessary send the tool to sleep mode – at least that’s what the makers promise. This should free up resources on the computer and make it faster. If an app then wants to use a process/function that has been sent to sleep mode, it will be reactivated automatically. But only as long as the process is actually used.

The main advantage of this procedure: The PC user does not have to become active himself and does not have to decide for himself which processes he wants to send to sleep mode. In addition, it should be prevented that a user accidentally shuts down important processes.

Download: CCleaner 6 Free Version

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