CDU plan for more growth after the Corona crisis

The Union faction is due to adopt the paper on Tuesday.

The Union faction is due to adopt the paper on Tuesday.


According to plans by the CDU parliamentary group, the solidarity surcharge should be abolished on July 1 – for all people in Germany. has a draft 10-point plan drawn up by the Economic and Energy Working Group. It says: “The abolition of the solidarity surcharge should be brought forward to July 1st and apply in full.” So far, the abolition of the soli has been decided from January 1st, 2021, from then only people with an annual income of 74,000 euros will pay it.

In the past, the SPD had shown itself openly to abolish the solos earlier, but not for the segment of the population with the highest income.

The CDU plan to be adopted by the parliamentary group on Tuesday includes further proposals. For example, incidental wage costs are to be limited to less than 40 percent and corporate tax reform is required. In addition, there should be no further restrictions on work contracts, as the Federal Government recently decided on for the meat industry.

According to the CDU, the minimum wage must not rise either: “In addition, the minimum wage commission should take into account the economic slump and falling income when setting the minimum wage and lower the minimum wage accordingly, but at least suspend an increase for 2021,” the paper says.

In order to reduce bureaucracy, the documentation and retention requirements for companies should also be reduced. According to CDU wishes, the obligation to pay should also be suspended.

In order to strengthen SMEs, the paper proposes a fund that will participate in companies and thus secure long-term equity. There are also proposals on the energy sector. “High electricity prices in particular are poison for growth and employment in Germany,” the paper says. Electricity prices should therefore drop, for example through a reform of the EEG surcharge. At the international level, Germany should campaign for more free trade.

Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) has announced that his ministry plans to present an economic stimulus package in June that will enable Germany to make an economic restart after the Corona crisis.


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