“Celebration of Joy” for the anniversary of the liberation from National Socialism

In his address, Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler (Greens) commemorated those Austrians who fought against the injustice regime and for the liberation of their homeland. In view of the question of how we would have acted back then, the respect for those people who turned their lives against National Socialism must be all the greater, said Kogler: “We say thank you to them.” 76 years after the liberation, he believes that Austria is a promising country. In addition, Kogler emphasized the certainty that “never again has to mean never again.”

For a strengthening of the democratic pillars of the rule of law, freedom, solidarity and justice, SPÖ federal party chairman Pamela Rendi-Wagner campaigned in view of the “Day of Joy” in order to give new strength to the common claim “Never again fascism. Never again war”. “Peace and democracy are the prerequisites for freedom and prosperity. We have to fight for it every day,” says Rendi-Wagner, who warns against taking discrimination, hatred and exclusion lightly.

“What happened must not be forgotten and should be a warning to us,” said FPÖ boss Hofer. The Second World War brought suffering and misery to the population. The 8th of May is also a sign of the build-up generation. In the course of the free participation in government, it was possible to “erect a monument to the rubble women at the Mölker Bastei in Vienna to represent the many people who rebuilt the country after the war”.

More funding for research on right-wing extremism

Science Minister Heinz Faßmann (ÖVP) in turn announced on Saturday the implementation of the expansion of the financial framework of the Documentation Archive (DÖW) envisaged in the government program.

The ministry will provide the necessary personnel and infrastructure costs to set up a research center for right-wing extremism and anti-Semitism, it said.


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