Celebrity Sailing Trip for Ocean Conservation

We went on a long trip to Greece for a good cause. At the end of June, actor Hannes Jaenicke traveled aboard a sailing ship with 20 other celebrities for a week at the “Pelorus Jack Ocean Trophy” to the most important places for marine protection in the Saronic Gulf in Greece. It went across the Mediterranean through the Greek islands to draw attention to the urgent need to preserve the seas. (Here are impressions from the Trophy on Instagram)

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In addition to Hannes Jaenicke, other actors such as Marie Bäumer, Rufus Beck and Birge Schade took part in the environmental tour. The 2,500-kilometer journey to the regatta overland began with a Peugeot 3008 SW Hybrid in Munich, heading for the Greek port of Piraeus, where the sailing ships cast off.

Named after the legendary dolphin Pelorus Jack

The Pelorus Jack Ocean Trophy was named after the foundation of the same name, headed by Hannes Jaenicke. Pelorus Jack is the name of a legendary dolphin that lived in the waters between Australia and Tasmania over 100 years ago and is said to have followed ships there. According to legend, he guided ships around dangerous shoals and is considered the first sea creature to be protected by law.

Peugeot Germany also supports the marine protection campaign Actor Hannes Jaenicke (left). Among other things on board: the actors Thomas Heinze, Lisa Maria Potthoff and Sebastian Bezzel.

Peugeot Germany also made an important contribution to the marine protection campaign: “We are delighted to be able to realize the Pelorus Jack Ocean Trophy together with our partners,” says Managing Director Haico van der Luyt. He added: “With the event, Peugeot wants to draw attention to the importance of marine and environmental protection.” According to the manager, Peugeot combines the modern technologies of its models with the traditional mobility of sailing on this trip.

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