Cellularline Petit: Good and affordable AirPods alternative:

Although Apple’s AirPods are getting cheaper and cheaper, just under € 130.00 is still a lot of money for Bluetooth headphones. That’s why Amazon is teeming with cheap alternatives. However, as a rule, these cheap AirPod clones are not worth the money – even if it is only a small amount. However, there is one exception: the Petit in-ear headphones from Cellularline *.

Stiftung Warentest: Cellularline headphones are just as good as that

Stiftung Warentest tested a total of 125 Bluetooth headphones. 68 of these were in-ear headphones like the AirPods *. In the test, Apple’s cult product, in which criteria such as sound, interference, comfort and handling, the Bluetooth connection, durability, pollutants and data protection were taken into account, achieved an overall grade of 2.1 and is therefore in the top midfield. The significantly more expensive AirPods Pro * scored only slightly better with a grade of 2.0. It is surprising that the inexpensive Petit Bluetooth headphones from Cellularline * can easily keep up with the luxury headphones.

the budget-friendly AirPod alternative also has the good one in the test
Received an overall grade of 2.1. In some categories it even outperformed
the AirPods. In this way, the cheap parts were able to meet their high-priced competitors
Interferences, comfort and handling as well as durability behind
to let. However, the sound and the Bluetooth connection of the Petits were
Cellularline rated a little worse.

By the way: With a grade of 1.7, the Bluetooth headphones Reflect Flow from JBL received the best quality rating from Stiftung Warentest for around 130.00 euros *.

from Cellularline: good and affordable AirPod alternative

Bluetooth headphones Petit by Cellularline – 59.10 euros at Amazon *

If you don’t have 130.00 euros left for AirPods or the test winner, the cheap headphones from Cellularline * are still a good alternative. So they cost just 59.10 euros and thus just under half. They come with a compact, pocket-sized case with an integrated charger that can be used to charge both headphones up to three times.


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