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“I think the cabinet should help public transport better through the corona dip. Temporarily scaling down a bit and then again at full speed to get travelers in public transport instead of in the car. The ministers now have to show balls together there, but unfortunately that does not happen, ”Eringa told De Telegraaf.

By compensating public transport for a while now, real important choices are not made, according to him. “That is mainly the reason for my departure. I had joined Transdev to grow the business, win concessions, improve the organization and produce good financial results. Instead of attacking, the crisis forces me to be on the defensive. That is a different playing field, for which I was not appointed. ”

He does not yet know what Eringa, who is known as idiosyncratic, will do. “There will probably be something beautiful again on my path.” At Connexxion, his duties are temporarily assumed by the management.

To undertake

Eringa switched from ProRail to Transdev Netherlands in September 2019 to grow and gain market share. However, that future is uncertain and, according to an initiate, Eringa is not a type who will sit still with his arms folded. “Eringa thinks that The Hague lacks enough ambition in public transport. Concessions have become entrenched. Region players get no further. He does not feel at home in this. He wants to be an entrepreneur. ”

Eringa was still enthusiastic when he took office as CEO of Transdev. He was determined to move forward with tailor-made sustainable mobility. There, corona has continued a line. He left rail operator ProRail because of the conversion to an independent administrative body, closer to the Ministry of Infrastructure and politics. Eringa did not feel like it.


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