CEO Wirecard must testify | Brexit will cost the Netherlands that many billion And entertainment can open again

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Former Wirecard CEO Markus Braun has to testify today. He has been summoned by the parliamentary committee of inquiry in Germany to investigate the accounting fraud at the payment processor. Wirecard collapsed in June when it turned out that nearly 2 billion euros had been lost on its balance sheet and may never have existed.

Corona emergency fund, Brexit, budget. The European government leaders are busy again. What to do with sleepers Hungary and Poland? Could the new budget and the corona emergency fund be hit soon? And is there still progress in the Brexit negotiations or is it a hopeless case?

We can hope not for the Dutch economy. Regardless of whether trade agreements are made or not, the UK’s departure from the European Union will damage the Dutch economy billions. How many billions, ABN Amro outlined two scenarios for this.

We can go out (for a while) again. All kinds of entertainment reopens its doors: from swimming pool to theater. The catering industry will remain closed for now. The events sector is also still on its hole; the government only wants to allow pilots when we are in a phase in which few corona infections occur.

This piece was most shared yesterday: A vaccine against the coronavirus is in sight, but not everyone wants to be vaccinated. Can you require vaccinations for your staff?

We think you should also read this: Next year, small app makers will have to pay much less commission to Apple on the turnover from their apps: 15 instead of 30 percent. The new policy applies to companies with less than a million dollars in turnover,

And this you may have missed last night: KLM received by far the most salary support from the government during the second round of the NOW scheme: 325 million euros. Other large consumers are Tata, Schiphol and Holland Casino.

This could come to the coffee machine:

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p.s. The disappearing stories on Instagram and Facebook are not enough for you? Twitter is your lifesaver with ‘fleets’. Indeed, temporary tweets.

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