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CES 2021: These gadgets are going to make your home smarter this year

A smart dog flap

The American Chamberlain makes a dog flap that is sold for no less than 3,000 dollars (approx. 2,500 euros). But for that amount, the gadget is also full of tricks that should make your and your dog’s life easier.

The myQ Pet Portal has two 1080p cameras that recognize the dog on each side. If the animal is ready to go outside, you will receive a notification on your phone to approve this request. Infrared sensors ensure that the tail does not get stuck and a microphone and speaker make it possible to talk to the animal remotely.

Recycling machine for the kitchen

The British Lasso Loop Recycling makes a recycling machine that can be placed in the kitchen next to, for example, the dishwasher. This device goes through all the waste thrown away and ensures that it is properly sorted and placed in the correct bags.

The recycling gadget is also packed with sensors that scan the entered waste. If it turns out that something cannot be recycled, the machine pushes it up again so that you can throw it away with the residual waste.

Smart doorbell without button

An ideal gadget for those who have fear of touch since the advance of the corona virus. The new doorbell from has no buttons, so you don’t have to touch it with your finger.

Instead, the bell has a built-in camera that sees when someone is on the doormat. If so, the bell will ring automatically. An exact price for the bell is not yet known, but it would be in stores for less than 200 dollars (160 euros).

Vacuum cleaner with artificial intelligence

Samsung’s Jetbot 90 AI + is a smart vacuum cleaner that has to become just that little bit smarter than its competition. This robot also scans the room to draw up a cleaning route, but then uses artificial intelligence to properly understand the room. This allows him to find a better route to clean, according to the manufacturer.

The Jetbot recognizes sensitive objects such as glass tables, so that cleaning is carried out more carefully. He can also lower himself slightly to fit under the sofa, for example. The smart vacuum cleaner will be released later this year for 1,500 euros.

Toilet that analyzes your health

Bathroom company Toto has introduced a smart toilet that helps map your health. By analyzing the bowel movements, the toilet will, for example, advise you to eat more fish or drink more water.

Sensors on the glasses simultaneously scan the skin for potential problems. What the toilet will cost is not yet known – according to Toto it will be in the shops “in a few years”

Cleaning robot from Samsung

It is still partly a concept, but Samsung is currently working hard on the household robot Handy. This can help with simple tasks around the house, such as cleaning up toys lying around or putting in the dishwasher.

The Handy relies to a large extent on artificial intelligence. This technology ensures that he sees what objects he is holding and how much force can be applied to hold them safely. It will probably take a few more years until Handy is for sale.


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