Challenge: Tesla Cybertruck to compete against hydrogen off-roaders in the rally

The Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus challenges Elon Musk. To be more precise: The small American racing company wants to compete against the Tesla Cybertruck with its own vehicle. As a meeting place, its owner Jim Glickenhaus suggests the legendary Baja 1000 Rally, which his company has already contested twice. The special thing about it: Glickenhaus uses its own vehicle “The Boot”, an off-roader that is to be powered by fuel cells. Unlike the Cybertruck, “The Boot” already exists ready-to-use, but currently with a conventional combustion engine. More than six liters of displacement fuel the radical off-roader.

Cybertruck versus “amazingly stupid” concept

Glickenhaus published his challenge to Tesla on Instagram and announced the news: “The Boot” is to be equipped with a fuel cell drive by 2023 and then, if Musk participates, compete against the Cybertruck as a pure battery electric car. In any case, Tesla boss Musk does not believe in hydrogen technology, as he has already stated several times; among other things, he described her as “amazingly stupid”.

Glickenhaus has many years of experience with extraordinary vehicles. The manufacturer repeatedly uses vehicles in long-distance races such as LeMans and has earned the reputation of a highly specialized developer. Jim Glickenhaus once earned the necessary money with the production of educational films, but also blockbusters with Jackie Chan. He later got into his father’s investment company and also collects rare vehicles.

Such a competition would definitely be exciting. Quite smugly, Glickenhaus offered to support Tesla in getting into the racing series, also to find or create suitable charging points. Because the Baja 1000 goes over a distance of at least 1000 miles, which makes it necessary to recharge the Cybertruck – according to Tesla, the largest variant can travel 500 miles (a good 800 kilometers) with one battery charge. That should be more than enough for normal use. Glickenhaus announced that “The Boot” would probably get away with just one filling of a large hydrogen tank. He has already confirmed in the past that Musk is fundamentally interested in rallies of this kind. The cybertruck should “kick the bum” of others at Baja, as he put it.

Tesla pickup with adjustable suspension

It is clear that a production vehicle has no chance on a rally like the Baja 1000. The rally, which has been held since the 1960s, is one of the toughest off-road events in the world and is in line with the current Dakar. If Musk really wants to compete, the Cybertruck would have to be extensively revised. A lot would have to be adjusted, especially with regard to safety equipment and durability. According to the Tesla boss, he should get a widely adjustable air suspension ex works – among other things for occasions like the Baja.


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