Chamber of Commerce: many companies stopped in December

This could be due to the fact that there has been uncertainty for entrepreneurs in this sector for a long time and that at the end of the year is a natural moment to stop.

That is what professor of business economics at Radboud University Joris Knoben says in an explanation of the monthly trend report of the Chamber of Commerce.

It states that last month 30 percent more of these types of companies closed down compared to the same period a year earlier.

Strict corona rules

According to the Chamber of Commerce, the increase was ‘quite significant’ for companies from all sectors together, at 22 percent. The fact that strict corona rules were introduced again last month may have given entrepreneurs the last push, according to Knoben.

According to the Chamber of Commerce, the number of bankruptcies rose, just like the month before. In December there were 171, compared to a usual more than 250 before the corona crisis. For a long time, the number of bankruptcies did not exceed 150.

“It’s slowly climbing to a ‘normal’ level,” Knoben said. According to him, phasing out support measures and having to repay aid received earlier can play a role in this.

Also starting entrepreneurs

Yet there were also many people who started a business last month, especially compared to before corona. “That indicates that there are still people who have enough faith in the economy to start a business,” said the economist.

New entrepreneurs especially dared to take the plunge, given the growth of 34 percent compared to a year earlier. Knoben: “The large number of new starters in childcare, for example, fits in well with the plans from The Hague to make childcare widely available for free in the long term.”

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