Chamber struggles with allowance affair: what next?

About 50,000 people have already applied for compensation. Anyone who is classified as a victim after a first light test will receive an amount of 30,000 euros. If you have more damage, an integral assessment of the file will follow. But figuring out exactly what someone is entitled to can take years.

Hard end date

The Ministry of Finance is looking at how things can be done faster, but there is no ready-made solution yet. The House of Representatives thinks it is taking too long. PvdA MP Nijboer argues in favor of agreeing a hard end date that the allowance affair must be completely resolved.

The VVD also calls it ‘painful and frustrating’ that parents have to wait a long time before they know where they stand. Member of Parliament Folkert Idsinga asks State Secretary Van Huffelen (Finance) to investigate whether an accelerated process with fixed compensation amounts can be made for parents who wish to do so.

Lobby victims

That is also one of the proposals for which two victims – Joël Heiner and Lynn Woodrow – are lobbying in the House of Representatives. According to Heiner, a radical change of course is needed. A smart scheme with fixed amounts per claim year could provide many parents with a quick answer. “Victims who have not been helped by this, can then still receive customization.”

Heiner and Woodrow have already been invited to the Treasury Department to explain their plan. According to Heiner, they are also charmed by the plan there. At the beginning of this week, the ministry said that it will take some time before an alternative approach is available.

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