Chamber talks about energy compensation | Hat Napoleon for sale | And sales tiger becomes roofer

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If you want a hat or shirt from Napoleon – and not that Rabbit from ‘Olland, but his much more successful brother – you can take your chance this afternoon. In Hong Kong, his hat goes under the hammer and a shirt that he would have worn on St. Helena. The headgear should fetch about 180,000 euros, the shirt can just be yours for 95,000 euros.

The third term of the Financial Considerations starts tonight in the House of Representatives. The senior gentlemen and ladies will also talk about the fact that a quarter of the money will go down the drain to compensate for the high energy bill.

Remco was a sales guy. In heart, kidneys and wallet. But no more. Now Remco has become a roofer.

Other than that, it’s really a numbers party today. In the Netherlands, Heineken and Basic-Fit stand out, a quarter without a lockdown has certainly done them well. On the other side of the Atlantic, Spotify and Twitter open the books.

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