Champions League: Here you can see Villarreal vs. Liverpool live

We explain where you can legally watch all UEFA Champions League matches, some of them for free.

The UEFA Champions League has not been broadcast on Sky since the current 2021/22 season. The rights are now almost entirely owned by DAZN and Amazon, with DAZN broadcasting the mammoth part of the games. In addition to DAZN and Amazon as well as the final, which is also broadcast by ZDF, some games can also be viewed free of charge on free TV from abroad via inexpensive VPN subscriptions. You can find out which teams play when and where these games are broadcast in this article.

Watch Champions League almost for free via VPN

Watch the Champions League via VPN at a super price

With the exception of the top game on Tuesday, which is broadcast by Amazon Prime, you can officially see all other games on the streaming provider DAZN. After the renewed price increase, the DAZN offer is available from 24.99 euros per month as an annual subscription or in the version that you can cancel monthly for 29.99 euros.

Unlike Amazon Prime, the free trial month or the variant for 99 cents in the first month was canceled at DAZN.

It is significantly cheaper only via VPN. If games are shown on foreign free TV, they can be streamed practically free of charge via a VPN. All broadcasts from the different countries can be found on the official UEFA page: Channels broadcasting the UEFA Champions League live

This week, for example, the cracker between FC Villarreal and FC Liverpool is on Wednesday, live at 9:00 p.m. on the Austrian channel ServusTV.

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UEFA Champions League quarter-finals – all matches:




Tuesday, April 26th 9:00 p.m

Man City: Real Madrid

Amazon Prime

Wed., 27.04. 9:00 p.m

Liverpool FC: Villarreal FC

DAZN, ServusTV

Tuesday, 03.05. 9:00 p.m

Villarreal FC : Liverpool FC

Amazon Prime

Wed., 04.05. 9:00 p.m

Real Madrid : Man City

DAZN, ServusTV

Here you can see the official UEFA Champions League in Germany

After 21 years, the pay-TV broadcaster Sky will no longer broadcast football matches in the European premier class. You can now officially see the majority of the games in Germany via the sports streaming service DAZN. DAZN shows all Wednesday games and, with the exception of one game per week, also all Tuesday games from the play-offs onwards. Starting with the current season, the respective top game on Tuesday will be shown by CL newcomer Amazon Prime Video – the shipping giant secured the rights to 16 games. This is also new: the finals will also be broadcast on ZDF in parallel with DAZN – regardless of whether a German team is involved.

The UEFA Champions League and other football at DAZN:

Subscribers will be faced with a price increase for the extended DAZN offer. Membership used to cost EUR 14.99 a month or EUR 149.99 a year. The new prices are EUR 24.99 a month for an annual subscription or EUR 274.99 a year – the version that can be canceled monthly costs EUR 29.99 a month. Unfortunately, unlike Amazon Prime, DAZN recently discontinued the option of a 30-day free test phase on September 30, 2021, and the 99-cent test variant in the first month was also canceled with the renewed price increase.

In addition to the UEFA Champions League, you can watch many other sports broadcasts on DAZN, such as parts of the Bundesliga. The streaming provider has further expanded its range for the 2021/22 season. So far, “only” 40 games have been broadcast on Friday and Monday evenings as well as the early Sunday games, from this season there will be 106 matches that can be seen in live stream and TV on DAZN. With the exception of three games, the Bundesliga on Friday and Sunday will then run exclusively on DAZN and no longer on free TV or other pay TV channels.

DAZN: from 24.99 euros per month (annual subscription) or 274.99 per year

The UEFA Champions League on Amazon Prime:

As already mentioned, you can see the top game on Tuesday on Amazon Prime Video. Amazon customers with a Prime membership will see these games as part of their membership at no additional charge. Interested parties have the opportunity to test the membership for 30 days free of charge. Otherwise, the Prime membership at Amazon costs 7.99 euros per month or 69 euros per year.

Amazon Prime: Try it now for 30 days for free

For the full annual price of at least EUR 343.99 for the combination of annual subscriptions from Amazon Prime and DAZN, you will never miss a UEFA Champions League game again. In addition, the DAZN offer attracts football fans with other sports broadcasts such as the UEFA Champions League for women, parts of the Bundesliga, the Spanish league, the Copa del Rey of the US MLS and other events.

You can only watch games cheaper with a VPN

The UEFA Champions League rights are quite expensive. So the games will be seen almost exclusively for a fee. But there are also exceptions, but these require a detour via a VPN due to the extensive geo-blocking of the CL.

Some games will also be shown on free TV abroad. Around seven games per season are broadcast on the Swiss channels 3+ and TV24. And the Austrian broadcaster ServusTV also shows around 33 games from the Champions League, the Europa League and the newly founded Europa Conference League on free TV. And of course a number of other countries are showing the matches of the Champions League, which ones exactly can be looked up in the official UEFA list.

Unfortunately, due to a country ban, we cannot easily see these broadcasts, for example via live streams. With a VPN – like the one from Cyberghost or Surfshark – you can easily bypass this country block and save a lot of money.

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Additional advantages:

With a VPN from the providers mentioned, you benefit from dedicated streaming servers, over 7000 servers in 90 countries, unlimited bandwidth, logging data of your activities is not saved, 27/7 live support and you can use the VPN on multiple devices at the same time . Apple and Android smartphones, Windows, MacOS, Linux, browsers such as Chrome and Firefox are supported, as well as Android TV, Apple TV & Amazon’s FireTV. And best of all: Depending on the provider and the selected subscription, VPNs are sometimes available from around 2 euros per month.

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