Change O2 PIN for SIM card – this is how it works

O2 has sent you a new SIM card. But you don’t want to remember their new PIN. How to change the PIN.

You need a new SIM card because you have changed your smartphone. And the new smartphone, for example, needs a nano-SIM, but you have been using a mini-SIM up to now. O2 will therefore send you a new SIM. To be more precise: A template from which you can break out the SIM in three different sizes. One SIM card thus covers all three common SIM card formats.

So you now have the new SIM. You can activate this online in your O2 customer area. But you don’t want to remember the preset PIN of the new SIM card. You want to continue to use the PIN of your previous SIM card.

How to change the O2 PIN

Enter this sequence of characters on the virtual telephone keypad of your smartphone:


and then press “call”. Then the PIN should be replaced.

With ALTEPIN we mean the PIN that O2 sent with the new SIM card. With NEUEPIN we mean the PIN that you want to use in the future, for example the PIN of your old, previous SIM card.

You can find more clever mobile phone codes here: Secret Android commands

This mobile phone code for changing the O2 PIN is not tied to Android, but also works on iOS. And it is also not tied to specific cell phones or smartphones.


If you have a steady hand and your previous Mini-SIM is not too old and therefore too big, you can cut it to micro or nano using a punching template. This also saves you the fee for sending a new SIM card. O2 charges just under 20 euros for this, at least for certain tariffs.

These SIM card sizes are available

SIM cards come in four different sizes. The standard SIM (which has not been used in cell phones, smartphones or tablets for a long time), the mini SIM (which is still used in normal cell phones such as the Nokia 225) and micro and nano SIM. Almost all of the smartphones only use micro and nano SIMs. For the iPhone, for example, the nano-SIM.

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