Change top mount: time, duration, costs

Cobblestones, curbs or potholes affect the Domlager. This component, also known as the strut bearing, connects the strut to the body and also provides the vehicle’s suspension. But how do you recognize defects in this component? And what are the repair options?

Recognize worn out or defective top mounts

As a rule, defects in the top mount are quickly noticeable. For example, if the steering feels more spongy than normal or has more play than usual, this can be a sign of worn dome bearings. But even if the steering suddenly becomes stiffer, you should think about the top mounts – in this case one or more top mounts could have rusted.

Noises are also typical signs of a defect in the dome bearing: A cracking noise can be heard especially when driving over bumps or similar obstacles.

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However, such noises can also come from other bearings. For the layman, there is only certainty that the cathedral bearing is defective in the workshop. The bearing can be inspected there when the vehicle is on the lifting platform. The mechanic will also check for play when trying to move the wheel sideways (vertically).

Changing the dome bearings

If a specialist has determined that the dome bearing is defective, it must be replaced. Top mounts are not repaired. The effort and thus the costs for the replacement depend on the vehicle model and the axle construction. A spare part from a well-known manufacturer such as B. Febi Bilstein or Sachs costs between 10 and 80 euros – per dome bearing.

Added to this is the work required for the exchange. If many other components have to be dismantled to change the dome bearing, the bill can then be over 350 euros. On average, the total costs for the change are between 100 and 300 euros.

This problem cannot be solved quickly, because the replacement is quite time-consuming. The vehicle usually remains in the workshop for several hours for the installation of new top mounts. Incidentally, top mounts (like other chassis components) are always replaced axle by axle.

Because an wheel alignment is then carried out, another 70 to a maximum of 130 euros are added. Our recommendation: The prices vary greatly here. It is therefore worthwhile to request several cost estimates.

How long do dome bearings last?

The service life of top mounts is also determined by the driving style. While some components last the entire life of the car, others have to be replaced after just 40,000 kilometers.

Anyone who often drives over curbs or roads with major road surface damage, travels on unpaved roads and uses their vehicle very often anyway, logically increases wear and can thus reduce the durability of this component.

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