Chantal Janzen is ashamed of opinion of Eurovision show

Chantal is very satisfied with her presentation job before Europe Shine a Light. “So I find it quite embarrassing, but I decided to just say it. I just walk a bit on clouds (…) it was a program that was put together in such a short time and we have just done it! ”

The presenter says she was not nervous. In contrast, she was just a kind of Emile Rattle Band. “If the team gets a little quiet from the tension, I just want to shake up that duvet. I think at one point they thought: shut up!”

The Eurovision Song Contest will again take place in Rotterdam next year. That was announced during the special TV broadcast Saturday. Rotterdam promised to be a host city again last month. NPO, AVROTROS and NOS indicated in principle that they wanted to continue, but first all finances had to be sorted out.

Chantal will be back, if her agenda allows it. She says about this: “I am now really entering a new world. Normally, a program has to be judged by a few people, but now that is even more. That is the AVROTROS, the Song Festival, the EBU. So that is cool if everyone approves. ”

More than 2.3 million viewers in the Netherlands alone saw the special broadcast of the song festival on Saturday. For those who missed it, all the highlights in a row.


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