Chantal Janzen responds to action Graham Norton

The connection was still open and so it was that many people sighed BBCpresenter could still hear. “Gosh, that was uncomfortable,” he said immediately after the conversation.

It was not clear why he found the conversation so difficult. It may have been due to the delay on the connection. It seemed that both Chantal and Graham could handle that well, but the London presenter may have had some trouble with that.

Leco van Zadelhoff, who was present during the party last night, tells RTL Boulevard that it was not uncomfortable at all and that the two got along well during rehearsals. “This is his way of reacting,” he explains.

We also speak exclusively with Chantal. “He was so nice and genuinely moved by the program. I really enjoyed it,” she says. According to the presenter, they talked before the broadcast about the fear that he would be delayed. “We had a lot of delay, so he was like: oh dear!”

Chantal has also responded on Instagram. “He found the connection to be very delayed awkwardso I’m afraid I’ll just have to go there next time for a face-to-face conversation. Someone has to do it. I will sacrifice myself, ‘she writes there.


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