“Chaotic catastrophe”: Obama criticizes Trump’s crisis management

In confidential statements ex-US president Barack Obama the handling of his successor Donald Trump sharply criticized with the corona pandemic. Trumps Crisis management be “an absolutely chaotic one catastrophe“said Obama according to one Audio recording on Friday evening in a conversation with former members of his government.

According to the news portal Yahoo News also reported other statements in the US media on Saturday.

Obama criticized in Trumps inadequate responses to the challenges of the corona pandemic reflect a mindset of “what’s in it for me” and “to hell with everyone else”. Selfishness and hostility have become “a stronger impetus in American life”.

78,000 corona dead

The United States are the world’s hardest hit by the corona pandemic. In the United States More than 1.3 million infections and more than 78,000 corona deaths have now been reported. Trump is accused of underestimating the pandemic and of failing to respond to the challenges early enough. He also lets the states fight against that virus alone and allow them to fight for protective gear together.

Obama also criticized the decision of the Department of Justicewho have allegations against Trumps former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn to drop in connection with the Russia affair. Flynn had pleaded guilty in December 2017 that FBI about his contacts with the former Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak to have lied to. The ex-general later said he would withdraw the confession of guilt.

Because of such decisions, he is concerned that “our basic understanding of the rule of law is in danger,” said Obama his former employees. He therefore called on them as he himself the designated democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in the race against Trump to support. The US presidential election will take place in early November. “I hope you all feel the same urgency as I do,” said Obama.


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