Charge Amps Halo/Keba Ke Contact P30 X: Wall box with green electricity

Anyone who drives an electric car can charge the car at public charging stations, but is dependent on charging point operators who offer electricity at a wide variety of tariffs. Therefore, the most convenient, safest and cheapest option for charging at home is a wall box. One way to get such a wall box fairly cheaply is to use the charging packages from Vattenfall: depending on the package, the socket for the e-car is available from 299 euros.

Vattenfall Wallbox

Vattenfall Wallbox

Vattenfall wallbox + green electricity

The exclusive charging package in the AUTO BILD edition: Charge Amps Halo™ for 299 euros instead of 1189 euros RRP.

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The cheaper of the two available wall boxes is called Charge Amps Halo (from 299 euros). It offers 11 kW charging power, charges in three phases and comes with a 7.5 meter long cable (type 2 plug) that remains flexible down to minus 25 degrees Celsius.
Charge Amps Halo - Vattenfall Wallbox

The illuminated wall box does not necessarily have to be installed on a wall. A stake is also suitable.

The Charge Amps Halo weighs four kilograms and can be mounted on a wall or even on a flat surface pole. The charging box is operated with a voltage of 230/400 volts, 50 Hz and 16 amps. DC protection is integrated, a type A residual current circuit breaker (FI switch) is also required. The case of the Charge Amps Halo is made of recycled aluminum. An integrated light strip makes them visible in the dark and also indicates the charge level.

Charge Amps Halo designed for extreme weather

According to the manufacturer, the highest protection class IP66 currently available on the market ensures that the Charge Amps Halo not only withstands rain, but also withstands all northern European weather conditions. If access to the wallbox is to be protected, this can be controlled via RFID technology.
Charge Amps Halo - Vattenfall Wallbox

Don’t be afraid of frost: the Wallbox Charge Amps Halo is designed for Scandinavian weather conditions.

This control runs free of charge via an online portal that also offers other functions. The wallbox can also be connected to any backend via WLAN, for example.

Wallbox Keba KeContact P30 X-Series charges with up to 22 kW

The other inexpensive wall box is called the Keba KeContact P30 X-Series. It is available from 499 euros and charges with up to 22 kW, but can be set to eleven kW. According to Vattenfall, the cable of the Keba box is six meters long and its weight is given as 4.8 to five kilograms. Your type 2 plug corresponds to the European standard.
Charge Amps and KEBA Wallbox - Vattenfall Wallbox

The Keba KeContact P30 X-Series is designed for up to 22 kW and offers a calibrated electricity meter.

The Keba home charging station also offers RFID access protection and is controlled via a web interface. The difference to the smaller wallbox sister: The KeContact P30 X-Series has a consumption display and it has a calibrated electricity meter. This makes it the right choice for anyone who wants to charge for charging their company car at home.

No more wallbox funding from the federal government

Until the end of October 2021, it was possible to apply for 900 euros of wallbox funding from the federal government, but the funding option has now expired.

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