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Do you know that? You look at one as you drive past Gas station interested in that Fuel priceeven if the tank is still full? I catch myself doing it regularly. During the fuel price last up Record level persisted, I had wondered if that would affect my getting used to Electric car probably changes?
The other day it was that time again when I left the E-mobile out curious about the Price tags peeked over at a gas station. The power of habit, Market observation. as Combustion driver For decades we have painfully approached the monopoly gasoline providers and also those that fluctuate during the day Fuel prices used. When is the best time to fill up? Has been important for a long time. It remains for combustion drivers, the big oil brands will retain a dominant role in the market for the time being. Indeed Electric car drivers Doesn’t matter the price of fuel, the electric car sweeps big Motorist issues the past gone – like the eternal fuel price discussion. Fuel quality? Electricity is electricity.

Vattenfall wallbox

Vattenfall wallbox

Vattenfall wallbox + green electricity

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High, non-transparent electricity prices are the big catch in e-mobility

But unfortunately not always at the same price. Here’s the catch: All motorists will continue to rely on utilities addictedregardless of the type of drive you are using. This also applies to the electric caras soon as you go on a tour that is longer than the battery lasts. Because e-drivers are also dependent on large providers at charging stations. The currently a lot of money to build the Charging infrastructure take in hand. Just stupid: You pass the costs in part on to e-car drivers, ask them about the loading price to finance the construction costs with the cash.

Where is the extra meter for electricity costs?

Even worse: It is often unclear at what price you get the Charging station is currently drawing electricity. You need a bundle for public charging stations Charge cards, and there is a lack of that Price transparency. Are you with your own provider, or do you have to Strange­fees counting? Mostly you charge blind and shell out later. Why is it not like at the gas station? One meter for kWh, a second one for the price, that would be easy, according to the motto: “This electricity charge of 17 kWh cost 7.14 euros.” There is nothing like that yet. Would be there transparent and especially cheap Electricity prices an ideal driver for electromobility. Because only with clear evidence of lower energy costs can we achieve that many drivers are switching to electric cars. To take on this matter is a clear task for us the next federal government!

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