Charging stations for e-cars: a large comparison of search apps

Just go to the gas station. Or maybe you prefer to take the next one? It’s as easy as it is for gasoline and diesel drivers E-mobile owners (Tips for buying an e-car) not. You need to be on the Find a public charging station Usually better inform and clarify some questions in advance: Do I have one with the provider contract? What costs there The current (to the big tariff comparison)? Is there still a place free for me? And especially: Where is the nearest charging station anyway?

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With these everyday problems with e-cars, mobile digital helpers are particularly valuable. There are now various Smartphone applicationsthat make it easier to find and select. But not all are equally good. The colleagues from COMPUTER BILD compared 20 apps from independent providers and the largest car manufacturers, checked them for information content and functional scope. It was about the criteria Station information, Preselection and filter, Range of functions, Station availability and User feedback. Result: Only the application “Just charge electricity” from Maingau Energie achieved the test rating “very good”, at least twelve other apps received the rating “good” in the test. All test modalities, tested apps and the overall result can be found in the large function comparison of the most important charging apps for electric vehicles from COMPUTER BILD.

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