Charleroi Airport opens again on June 15

Charleroi Airport will again allow commercial flights from 15 June. The airport will then have been closed for almost three months. Travelers will be screened at the entrance by employees of the Red Cross.

“In accordance with the health regulations and the new guidelines for air travel issued by the airlines, we have taken various measures to ensure the safety of the staff and users of the airport,” the press conference of Brussels South Charleroi Airport in which it announces the reopening.

Measure temperature

Before you can enter the airport you must first pass a so-called Red Cross filter zone. In that screening tent, an employee will measure your temperature and look for any symptoms of an infection or contamination with the new coronavirus. Travelers with fever or other symptoms are examined by the medical team and may need to see a doctor.

Strict safety regulations also apply throughout the airport. For example, you should wear a mouth mask everywhere and keep a sufficient distance from other passengers. Markings on the floor at the gates indicate where you may stand.

Check in online

Brussels South Charleroi Airport asks all passengers to check in online as much as possible in advance and to come to the airport with their boarding pass on paper or on their phone. On the airport website there are other tips to make everything sell smoothly. and only having contact with employees when absolutely necessary.

On board the aircraft, each airline will have its own rules and regulations. Ryanair, which will resume operations from July 1, recently shared another video explaining them.


Charleroi airport decided to close its doors on March 25. At that time, a total of about 90 percent of all flights were canceled by various airlines.

It is not yet known how wide the range of flights will be when the airport reopens on June 15. For example, almost all borders are currently closed in Europe. Most countries seem to be aiming for June 15 as a date to gradually reopen those borders.


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