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Charlize Theron confirms interest in lesbian reboot Die Hard | Entertainment

The 45-year-old actress recently responded to a fan who suggested on Twitter that there should be a remake of the 1988 film that does not include Bruce Willis but Charlize Theron should play the lead role to save her wife. In conversation with Vanity Fair the actress confirms that she is absolutely interested.

“It’s a great idea!” She says enthusiastically. “That’s why I immediately responded on Twitter, because I think it’s brilliant. I think this person should pitch the idea. It’s a really good idea. Because it involved two women, I immediately thought: ‘yes, I will sign for it’. ”

Die Hard tells the story of agent John McClane who is at a party for his ex-wife’s work, when German terrorists take the building hostage. McClane manages to escape and tries to take out the terrorists and save his ex.


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