Charlotte Nijs: ‘Underestimated how difficult the WIDM test is’

“It’s really hard. You’re just constantly observing others. It’s really insane,” says Charlotte in the Who is the mole?podcast, in which she indicates that she underestimated how difficult the tests would be. “And what they do not ask for there. As a television viewer you do not realize that.”

Charlotte says that the tests are not only about the assignments, but also about the questionnaire that everyone has completed in advance. “They are so detailed. And then you also have to talk to each other to find out what the answers to the questionnaires of others are. And there is also a lot of lying.”

Charlotte found that very difficult at first. “I had no idea, I thought: what is happening to me? And wherever there is a camera, a question can be asked about. The days are long, the cameras are often there. I really underestimated it.”

Who dropped out just before the final is Splinter Chabot. In the video below, he looks back at it WIDM-adventure.


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