Chateau remains empty: Meilandjes cancel all reservations

The castle will remain empty at the Meilandjes for the time being. Martien, Erica and Maxime informed their guests by email that they had to cancel the reservations. Although tourists are allowed to re-enter France from June 15, there are strict rules to keep guests and staff safe. “The chateau cannot be set up to meet these conditions unless we would realize half an occupancy.”

In order not to distinguish between the guests, the Meilandjes have decided to cancel everyone. The family has “with pain in our hearts and after extensive consultation, unfortunately have to decide to cancel all reservations.” In the earlier episodes of Chateau Meiland already saw that Erica transferred the amounts back to the reserved guests and they will do so again in this case.

How the corona crisis affected Chateau Meiland you can see in the video below.


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