Check here at which gas station in your province you can fill up the cheapest

According to an overview by Multitankcard, the market leader in fuel cards, you paid an average of 1,655 euros at Sakko in Uithuizen this year from 1 January to 30 November inclusive.

That is considerably less than the average EUR 1.80 per liter that you paid for a liter of EUR 95 in the Netherlands in 2021. On a whole tank of 45 liters, that saves 6.50 euros. If you regularly refuel, it will add up nicely.

Also a big difference with E5 and diesel

There are also significant differences for Euro98/E5 and for diesel. For example, this year at Makro in Amsterdam you paid an average of 1.82 euros per liter for a liter of E5. That saves a dime per liter compared to the 1.92 euros that you deposited on average in the Netherlands, according to Multitankcard.

The cheapest price for diesel was at Esso Express Beek, in Gelderland: 1.31 euros per litre, while the average price in our country this year was 1.45 euros per litre.

Price often lower than suggested retail price

Multitank card sees what lease drivers throughout the Netherlands have to pay for their fuel. This enabled them to calculate where in the Netherlands the discounts are highest.

The average price is also below the suggested retail price. Pump owners can give a discount on the recommended retail price. Along the highway you often pay the suggested retail price.

Expensive in Utrecht and at Schiphol

Fuel is much more expensive in some places than others. For example, you pay relatively much in the province of Utrecht, because there are quite a few locations along the highway. Refueling around Schiphol is also more expensive. According to director Patrick Roozeman of Multitankcard, a statement is possible that rental cars must be refueled there and then the price is less looked at.

You also pay relatively much for fuel on the Wadden Islands, because it is more expensive to transport petrol and diesel there and because there is relatively little competition, says Roozeman.

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