check your tax return extra carefully this year

Check your tax return extra carefully this year, warns the tax authorities. As of today, everyone can file a tax return again. But due to the crisis, 2020 is a year of many changes for a lot of people. That is why such an extra check is necessary.

6.8 million private individuals and 1.5 million entrepreneurs have recently received the blue envelope. You have until 1 May to file a declaration, unless you request a postponement. Then the deadline is September 1.

Anyone who submits a declaration before 1 April will be notified before 1 July whether extra money must be paid or whether money will be refunded. Last year, the tax authorities received more than 9.3 million tax returns between 1 March and 1 May.

Many people want to send their tax return immediately on the very first tax return day (today). If you were planning to do that, you will come home from a rude awakening. The site is down because of the many visitors.

Tax authorities: ‘Check and complete’

This year, too, the Tax and Customs Administration has made it ‘easier, not more fun’ by filling in a lot of information in advance. This reduces the chance that unconscious errors will creep into the declaration. “It is important to check the information in the tax return and complete it where necessary,” emphasizes the Tax and Customs Administration.

If something has changed in the personal situation, it is even more important, according to the tax authorities, to check and complete the return properly. For example, in 2020 more people than ever transferred their mortgages. Never before have so many people applied for a mortgage.

Aid measures

In 2020, many people, companies, catering establishments and the like stood still. Therefore, there can be loss of income for many people. It may also be the case that someone has agreed a payment break with his mortgage provider for his own home, for example. This in turn can affect the interest deduction.

And then the support measures also come into play: the tax authorities often already take this into account. The bridging arrangements such as TOZO and TOFA have already been pre-filled in the declaration. Entrepreneurs are also referred in the tax return to sections that concern the allowances via the TOGS and TVL schemes, which have been designated as exempt profit components.

According to the tax authorities, it is important for entrepreneurs to file a tax return on time. For entrepreneurs who incurred more costs in 2020 than there was income, this is automatically deducted from the positive income of the previous three years, so that tax money can still be reclaimed, with which they can get financial support.

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Tax authorities: check your tax return extra carefully this year


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