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Cherry with Tom Holland gets an official release date

Good news for the fans of actor Tom Holland. Because he can be seen in a brand new film early next year. In Cherry he plays Cherry, a veteran who goes criminal to pay for his drug addiction. And that movie just got an official release date.

It looks like the promotion campaign for the latest film with Tom Holland has officially kicked off. For that film, the actor again collaborated with the Russo brothers, with whom he has made several Marvel films.

But this new film is in no way like the other films in which the actor played. In Cherry we get to see no less than three new sides of Tom Holland. His character Cherry is a war veteran who goes on a criminal tour to pay for his drug addiction.

February 26

How he will interpret those different sides of his character, we will see from February 26. Appears on that day Cherry namely in the cinema. A month later, on March 12, users of Apple TV + can also find the film on that streaming platform.

Along with those release date (s), Apple TV + also released the first images Cherry. In those images we get to see the soldier, the addict and the criminal versions of the character of Tom Holland for the first time. We also find out that Ciara Bravo will be playing Cherry’s girlfriend.

View the first images here Cherry:


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