Chevrolet will offer an electric pickup with 640 km of range

2020 Chevrolet Silverado Diesel

The electric pick-up segment is starting to bubble. While the Tesla Cybertruck is announced, other American manufacturers are preparing the response, including Chevrolet which should arrive with a utility with 640 km of autonomy.

By presenting the Cybertruck at an illuminated party last November, Tesla threw a stone in the pond. With its styling from another world, the electric pickup immediately tickled other manufacturers with, so far, no less than six strong competitors. Specialist in pickups, Chevrolet will also join the dance.

This is what the manufacturer is announcing through its electrification plan. In a recent press release, the General Motors group said Chevrolet will offer its first electric pickup that will be able to hold a load for 400 miles, or 642 km of range. No release date has yet been revealed, nor even some technical information.

A shared platform for the Chevrolet electric pickup?

This utility could benefit from a common platform shared with all other similar proposals from General Motors. Including the next Hummer by GMC, which will play the big guns with a power of 1,014 hp for more than 15,500 Nm of torque. Like Rivian, the specific construction of these electric pickups will give life to more civilized SUVs, like the next Cadillac Lyriq or the SUVs from Chevrolet and Buick.

With its electric pickup, Chevrolet will face the Cybertruck, but also the Rivian R1T, Lordstown Endurance or the next electric Ford F-150. Its range seems to be average for the segment, but it will not be able to compete with the Nikola Badger: with its exotic hybrid powertrain fitted with a fuel cell, the pickup promises 960 km of range.


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