Child bonus, VAT reduction: Germans welcome Groko plans

Many restaurants are struggling to survive the corona crisis.

Many restaurants are struggling to survive the corona crisis.


The heads of the grand coalition met in Berlin for the first time this year on Wednesday. During the deliberations, they decided that there should be new relief measures in the Corona crisis, including one-time payments for parents of children and a one-time grant for Hartz IV recipients. In addition, the VAT reduction for the catering trade was extended. The Germans welcome these new aid measures, according to a representative Civey survey for NewsABC.nets.

The most popular was the decision to continue the VAT cut to seven percent for cafes and restaurants until the end of 2022. 78.2 percent of those questioned welcome the measure. 56.5 percent even consider it “clearly correct”. The measure met with great approval from supporters of all parties and members of all age groups.

The child bonus of 150 euros that parents receive for each child is also very popular. 56.3 percent of those surveyed think it is right, 30.9 percent reject it.

Amazingly, people who endorse the bonus no Children live in the household to the same extent as people with children in the household. For people with children, the approval rate is 66.7 percent – for those without 66.3 percent.

There is also a lot of support for the one-time bonus of 150 euros for Hartz IV recipients. 55 percent of those questioned think this measure is correct. Support for the measure was particularly high among supporters of the Greens (77.3), SPD (71.6) and leftists (69.3). In contrast, 53.5 percent of AfD supporters rejected the decision, and 48.7 percent of those surveyed for FDP supporters rejected this step as wrong.

Overall, the new measures cost more than 10 billion euros, which, according to the SPD, can be financed from the current budget.


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