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Children find gold treasure in the house of the deceased grandmother

Children found two gold bars while playing, which are said to be worth a total of 80,000 euros. (Symbolic photo)

Children found two gold bars while playing, which are said to be worth a total of 80,000 euros. (Symbolic photo)


Escape the narrow city apartment and prefer to spend weeks in quarantine measures in the countryside – including a large garden that offers the children enough space to run around: This dream came true for a French family who moved from Paris to the southwest of the capital, Vendôme.

In the village, the late grandmother had owned a house where the family wanted to spend the lockdown in seclusion. Once there, the two ten-year-old sons started to build a shelter in the garden and gathered all kinds of building materials. From tree branches from the garden to old sheets from grandmother’s guest room.

The father initially thought of metallic objects as old knife banks

Two heavy, metallic objects fell out of the bed sheets, which the two boys gave no further consideration and which they put back on the shelf. However, when they told their father about the objects, he took a closer look at them.

But the father, too, was initially at a loss as to what exactly it was and thought it was a knife rest, the auctioneer Philippe Rouillac told the French news broadcaster BFM TV. The helpless family man contacted the auctioneer with the request that photos be used to determine what the objects might be.

“There would be nothing left for the desired pool”

The family should have been pleased with his assessment: Rouillac assumed that there were two gold bars, each weighing around one kilogram. They are to be auctioned in Vendôme on June 16 – with a starting bid of 40,000 euros each.

Family research showed that the grandmother had bought the two gold bars in 1967. Even the bill was still there. Since gold is in particularly high demand during the corona pandemic, the auctioneer is expecting good business: “We are waiting for the gold price to rise a little, then they could bring in at least EUR 100,000,” explains Rouillac.

The two boys, however, demand their share of the treasure: “They explained to their father that there was nothing left for the desired pool”.


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