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Children of Ruinerwold tell their story on television

The children of Ruinerwold will soon be telling their incredible story on TV. Jessica Villerius made a four-part documentary series about the family that was discovered more than a year ago on a farm in Drenthe.

The four oldest children of the family that lived under the radar for years on a farm in Ruinerwold, tell their story once. They do this in the BNNVARA documentary series The Children of Ruinerwold.

The new life of children Ruinerwold

Documentary maker Jessica Villerius has followed them intensively for the past eighteen months. She was present at important moments in their new life. Together with them, she looks back on their childhood years and the exceptional circumstances in which the family lived. The Children of Ruinerwold can be seen four Wednesdays from 24 March at BNNVARA on NPO 1. Villerius made an impression on Videoland earlier this month with Breaking Meth. This was a documentary about the destructive drug crystal meth.

Is the father prosecuted?

Today the progress of the criminal case against father Van D. was discussed in a pro forma session. The father is suspected of deprivation of liberty of his children and of sexual abuse of two of them. The question now is whether Van D. can stand trial. This is because of his limited mental health after a stroke. The Court will decide on March 4 whether the criminal proceedings will take place or will be suspended. The Public Prosecution Service wants to stop the prosecution. “Van D. is trapped in his own brain,” said the public prosecutor. There is no prospect of any significant improvement.

World news in Ruinerwold

The youngest of these four children of Ruinerwold, referred to in the media as ‘Jan’ (27), will suddenly become world news on 13 October 2019. Jan told a local bar owner that he has run away from home and needs help. When the police are called in, it soon becomes apparent that he, together with his brother and four sisters, has led a hidden life on a farm in Ruinerwold for years. They led a secret and unrecorded life there, together with father Gerrit Jan van D. Earlier, two older brothers and a sister escaped. In the documentary series these brothers, the sister and Jan himself speak for the first time.

A photo Jessica Villerius who made a documentary about Ruinerwold
Documentary maker Jessica Villerius. Photo: BNNVARA

First and only time their story

In a joint statement, the four oldest children announced via BNNVARA that this is the first and only time that they will tell their story: “On March 4, we will make an important decision. Whether Gerrit Jan will be prosecuted or not, the impact that events have had on our lives is and will remain unabated. As far as we are concerned, there are no winners or losers in this case, although we ourselves would like to see a substantive treatment in which Gerrit Jan has to account for a number of cases. ”

The whole story of Ruinerwold

They continue: “We understand that the press has many questions for us and also appreciate the frequent inquiries about our well-being. But it is a difficult question to answer. As elders, we still support our November 2019 statement, in which we announced our story once in the documentary The Children of Ruinerwold to do. This documentary series, for which we have had recordings for the past sixteen months, is now almost finished and, in our opinion, encompasses the whole story from our perspective. That has always been our intention and we will stick with it. We hope that people understand that talking about this sad situation has cost us a lot of effort and that it is far too comprehensive to tell the story ‘just’ and inappropriately. ”

Already a lot of praise for joint song André van Duin and Danny Vera

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Children of Ruinerwold tell their story on television once


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