Children’s series Ratjetoe shares first images reboot

Before long, Tommy and his baby friends are back! This time not with KRO or Nickelodeon, but with streaming service Paramount +. The first trailer of ‘Rugrats’, or ‘Ratjetoe’ as it is called in Dutch, is the comeback of all the original voice actors.

Rattle was a hit when it appeared on the tube in the 90s and early this century. High time for a new generation to get to know the babies and that’s why Paramount + comes with a reboot. The streaming platform has launched the first trailer, which shows that the series is no longer drawn by hand, but animated. What remains the same are the voice actors. All original cast members speak their characters again.

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Ratjetoe is making a comeback

Or Rattle can also be streamed in the Netherlands is not yet clear. The original series was shown on Dutch television from 1995, but started in 1991 in the US. After 12 seasons, the makers called it a day. In between, Tommy and his friends appeared in three more films.

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