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Children’s YouTube channel receives over a billion clicks in a week

Cocomelon is a YouTube channel for preschoolers.

Cocomelon is a YouTube channel for preschoolers.

Screenshot CoComeleon – Nursery Rhymes

  • “Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes” produces animation videos for preschoolers and is the most subscribed YouTube channel in the United States with more than 82 million subscribers.
  • It is the first channel ever to receive more than a billion views within a week – between May 11, 2020 and May 17, 2020, according to an analysis.
  • Cocomelon is Treasure Studio Inc. of Orange County, California, which is run by 55-year-old Jay Jeon and his wife, who wants to remain anonymous.

YouTube has long ceased to be a platform that only listens to music or watches trailers of upcoming films.

Different channels offer entertainment in very different ways. In the meantime, the platform has reached the very little ones in society. Preschoolers are the target audience for the YouTube channel “Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes”, which was the first to receive over a billion views in just one week.

142.8 million views a day

Strange but true. The Cocomelon children’s channel is the most subscribed YouTube channel in the United States with more than 82 million subscribers. He makes it worldwide, still in third place in the ranking, behind PewDiePie and T-Series. Another 800,000 subscribers were added last week.

As an analysis by independent company GospelStats showed, the channel was the first to go between May 11, 2020 and May 17, 2020. YouTube channel had over a billion hits in just one week. Only six percent more compared to the previous week. So far, however, it has not been enough for second place worldwide – the channel still lacks a lot of subscribers, says Sam Gutelle from the media company Tubefilter.

Nevertheless, Cocomeleon remains in the fast lane. The channel now has eight videos with over a billion clicks. According to an analysis by Tubefilter, Cocomeleon receives an average of 142.8 million views a day, 5.9 million an hour and 1,653 per second.

Children’s songs and rhymes as a recipe for success

55-year-old Jay John from Orange County, California is a co-owner of Treasure Studio Inc., the company responsible for Cocomelon. He runs the channel with his wife, who wants to remain anonymous. The two entertainment videos have been producing for children since 2006.

On average, about two animated videos appear on the channel each week. These always follow a certain pattern. The characters that the audience already knows from previous videos sing to well-known children’s songs or rhymes.

In 2016 the channel switched to 3D. The company improved the animation and music. After changing the name from “ABCkidTV” to “Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes”, the channel became increasingly popular. This was also due to the channel’s recommendations through the YouTube algorithm and the YouTube Kids platform. The latter deals with suitable content for children under the age of twelve and recommends Cocomeleon for children up to the age of four.

Treasure Studio Inc. plans to produce children’s toys

It is not only Cocomeleon that YouTube channels are becoming increasingly popular for children. Of the 50 most watched channels in the past week, just over half are produced for children.

In February 2020, Cocomeleon had approximately 2.5 billion views a month. Through the Google AdSense program, Treasure Studio Inc. “Bloomberg” was able to earn approximately $ 11.3 million in advertising revenue.

Now Cocomeleon fans can soon look forward to an expanded range, because the company is planning a partnership with the toy company Jazwares. Toys for the popular figures are to be produced this year.


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