China figures: Tesla produced 23,632 electric cars in February, local sales increased

Tesla’s Gigafactory in China is a permanent construction site. Production of the Model 3 officially started there at the beginning of 2020, a year later that of the Model Y began in a newly constructed main building, and Tesla is now apparently in the process of even expanding the site – possibly for a smaller electric car. Production at the previous facilities, meanwhile, remained stable in February, and local sales of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y increased significantly from the previous month.

Model Y has also been sold in China since January

Tesla produced a total of 23,632 electric cars of the two types in its China factory in February 2021, according to figures from the CPCA association, which were widely reported on Twitter on Tuesday. That was a little less than in January when Model Y was added for the first time, with a total of 24,800 Teslas produced. However, February has fewer working days, and the Chinese New Year celebrated this month this year.

A breakdown according to Model 3 and Model Y was initially not available, but according to the CPCA, a total of 18,318 locally produced copies of the two electric cars were sold in China in February. That is below the previous record of December 2020 with 23,804 Tesla Model 3 sold, but is significantly more than this January: At that time, 15,484 new Teslas from local production reached their buyers in China, including the Model Y for the first time around 1700 times.


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The difference between production and sales figures is explained by the fact that Tesla occasionally sends electric cars from its factory in China for export. In October 2020, for example, ships with the smallest version of the Model 3 went to Europe for the first time. This year, right-hand drive markets are said to have been served with the Model 3 from the local Gigafactory.

Goal: 450,000 Teslas per year

Adjusted for the calendar effects, Tesla production in China is likely to have been higher per day in February than in January. Extrapolated, this results in an annual capacity of around 300,000 electric cars. The Tesla President for China said in a recent interview that the target by the end of 2021 is an annual production rate of 450,000 vehicles in the local Gigafactory.


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