China follows US recall: Tesla Model X has to go to the workshop because of roof – and Europe?

Tesla seems to have been dealing with recalls more and more recently. A bug in the Model Y in October could still be elegantly resolved with a software update, but last week it became known that the US agency NHTSA had started a technical investigation into too many failures of the media computers in older Tesla Model S and Model X. ; this involves almost 160,000 vehicles. This week, the NHTSA also published voluntary Tesla recalls for 400 Model Y and 9136 Model X – and the double-door electric car now has to go to the workshop in China because of the same problem as in the USA.

Tesla Model X with loose roof parts

Tesla is calling 870 Tesla Model X, which were produced between March and July 2016, into the workshops in China, the news agency AFP reported on Friday; the responsible Chinese authority announced. As before in the USA, it was said that parts attached to the glass roof of the Model X could fall off because in some cases the primer was missing under the adhesive.

According to this week’s NHTSA announcement, it concerns plastic applications on the roof at the top of the windshield and in front of the wing doors of the Model X. These only have a visual function, but if they are lost while driving, other road users could be endangered or be harmed. The authority named Teslas as potentially affected, which were produced between September 2015 and July 2016, i.e. earlier than in China.

Will there be a recall in Europe?

According to the NHTSA, the US recall was initiated by Tesla and only confirmed and reported by them. The AFP report does not reveal whether the company was also responsible for this in China. The coincidence in time would speak in favor of it – and then again lead us to expect that a recall in Europe will follow soon. The Tesla Model X was also sold in Germany in 2016, albeit only around 450 times and thus apparently less than in China in the same year.


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