China is not thinking about easing

The People’s Republic is likely to extend its measures until October.

China continues to adhere to the restrictions on foreign flights and will probably continue to do so until at least October. Due to the new virus, international flight operations are practically idle. The danger of importing the disease from abroad is still too high.

The security measures are still enormous. At the end of March, the so-called “five-one rule” was introduced, which allows an airline to fly into the country only once a week. The air traffic authority has now instructed those responsible to continue this procedure, as reports.

The number of domestic passengers, on the other hand, would again be on the upward trend. Since the beginning of May, more than 800,000 passengers have been on the move every day, flying to regional destinations. Business trips in particular are said to be very popular – the situation in tourist cities is only slowly improving.


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