China tough: Beijing plays Trump and secures even more power

  • It could have been a difficult hour for China. Several countries wanted Beijing to be held responsible for the corona pandemic at the WHO Assembly.
  • It turned out very differently. China prevailed for the most part, and could soon become the organization’s largest donor.
  • Meanwhile, U.S. President Donald Trump shot himself out with an undisguised threat.

It could have been the day of settling accounts with the emerging world power China. It turned out very differently.

The anger against China was great. Dozens of countries wanted to confront Beijing at the World Health Organization (WHO) annual meeting. One thing is clear to them: China has slandered, hushed up and botched the outbreak of the novel corona virus deep in its own country. This turned an epidemic into a pandemic that plunged the world into the worst health and economic crisis in decades.

An independent commission should investigate China’s behavior in the corona pandemic, Australia said. The role of WHO must also be examined. China strongly opposed this. With success.

China opposes independent Wuhan investigation

President Xi Jinping had already set the tone on Monday. China supports the idea of ​​reviewing the global response to the Corona outbreak, he said. However, this should only happen after the pandemic has been brought under control. This means that investigations at the current time are out of the question for Beijing.

Xi also said that the WHO investigation should be “based on science and professionalism” and that it should be “objective and impartial”. He did not speak of an “independent” investigation without Chinese participation, for example. Indeed, independent investigations in China would be difficult, especially when it comes to facts that could expose the ruling Communist Party.

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In the end, China should largely prevail. It was not the Australian request that was voted on, but a weakened paper drawn up by the European Union. The WHO should commit itself to “identify the source of the infection” and to track the transmission to humans. There was no more talk of independent research, nor of China, nor of Wuhan, the world’s first corona hotspot. The EU application was approved on Tuesday without objection.

Trump threatens WHO, China cleverly counters

It got better for China. Ironically, the United States, Beijing’s largest geopolitical competitor, finally took off the WHO power game earlier this week. Instead of attacking China from the inside, US President Donald Trump attacked from the outside and immediately took the entire organization in joint liability.

If the WHO does not commit to “major improvements” within the next 30 days, he will rethink the United States’ membership in the organization, the President informed the WHO by letter. Trump had previously announced a stop in US payments to the World Health Organization.

The White House believes the WHO is too Chinese. In fact, the organization praised Beijing’s early and exuberant actions in the Corona crisis, even if reports at that time indicated that the situation was being disguised and played down.

And how did Beijing react to Trump’s threat? The regime promised an additional $ 2 billion for WHO. This would make the country the largest donor. A position that promises even more influence and power. It was just a good day for the emerging power of China.

Here you can read the more detailed analysis by US on which this article is based.

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