China’s leadership plans its own security law for Hong Kong

China Leadership plans its own Security law For Hong Kong. The People’s Congress will present the draft for an improvement of the Legal system and Implementation mechanisms “to Currency of national security “in the Chinese special administrative region, a spokesman for the Chinese parliament reported to journalists in Thursday Beijing.

With one Security law would Beijing Leadership of the autonomously managed parliament Hong Kong bypass. It would target activities that are perceived to be subversive and terrorist, or that may aim to make the former British Crown Colony independent. That would make the Chinese government their grip on Hong Kong reinforce.

Protests could be sparked

Obviously Beijing came to the conclusion that, due to the politically heated climate and growing resistance in the port metropolis against its influence, it is unlikely that Hong Kong Parliament itself such a national one Security law passed. The surprising course of action is likely to result in protests Hong Kong kindle.

It has been experiencing a population of seven million since last summer Hong Kong ongoing Demonstrationswho are against their own governmentwho directed police brutality in the protests and the long arm of the Chinese leadership. It wasn’t until the pandemic with the new corona virus came that Demonstrations abated. Since the return in 1997 China becomes Hong Kong managed autonomously within its own borders under Chinese sovereignty.


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