China’s People’s Congress Approves Hong Kong Security Law

China People’s Congress has plans for a controversial one Security law in Hong Kong with only one Vote against approved. The decision fell on Thursday at the close of Parliament’s annual session Beijing. Critics fear a major encroachment on the autonomy of the former British crown colony and today’s Chinese special administrative region.

Bypasses the law Hong Kong Parliament and is directed against activities that are considered subversive or separatist. The project would be the most extensive encroachment on the autonomy of the former British Crown Colony, where there have been strong demonstrations critical of China for months. Hong Kong has been in since the return in 1997 China governed according to the principle of “one country, two systems” as an independent territory.

The State Department considers the advantageous special status for Hong Kong given the increasing interference China no longer justified in the actually autonomous metropolis. The U.S. Secretary of State said Mike Pompeo on Wednesday.

“Given the local situation, no sensible person can claim that today Hong Kong still a high degree of autonomy from China maintains, “wrote Pompeo in a legally required report to Congress.


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