China’s president calls on the military to be “ready to fight”

China’s head of state and party, Xi Jinping, has called on the military to be on constant readiness in the face of “instabilities” and “uncertainties”. The entire armed forces must “always be ready to respond to a wide variety of complex and difficult situations,” said Xi Jinping, according to the state media on Wednesday, at a meeting with the military delegation during the current annual meeting of the People’s Congress in Beijing.

The development of the armed forces must focus on “combat readiness,” the official Xinhua news agency quoted the president at the previous day’s meeting. The new five-year plan from 2021 to 2025 is a good start to strengthen the national defense and armed forces, Xi Jinping said. The People’s Congress will approve the draft with the course and a strong increase in military spending this year by 6.8 percent at the end of its one-week meeting on Friday.

It is about building a “high-profile strategic deterrent,” said Xi Jinping, according to Xinhua. The People’s Liberation Army must “resolutely protect national sovereignty, security and development interests”. The military development must be driven by innovation. More efforts should be made to become independent in science and technology. The innovation must be driven forward energetically.

Top US military warns of invasion of Taiwan

The modernization and expansion of the Chinese military is taking place against the background of growing tensions with the USA and Taiwan, the border incidents with India and the disputes over islands and marine areas in the East China and South China Seas.

A leading US military commander warned on Tuesday (local time) of Beijing’s military power: China could invade Taiwan within the next six years, Admiral Philip Davidson said loudly according to Guardian at a hearing on the Senate Armed Forces Committee. He is also worried that China will oust the USA from its international leadership role – “by 2050”.


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