China’s space capsule has landed on Earth again

With the successful landing of the return capsule of a new spacecraft China his youngest Space mission successfully completed. Like the state Xinhua News Agency reported on Friday, put the capsule on the designated landing site inside Mongolia in the North China on.

The prototype For the future generation of manned Chinese spaceships, the “Langer Marsch 5B” rocket also launched on Tuesday. The start was originally planned for April, but had to be postponed due to technical problems.

As state media reported, lead China an experiment with a for the first time on the flight 3D printer through in space. The test of a deployable heat shield, with the help of which freight was to be brought back to earth, was not successful. Already had on Wednesday China Space agency informed that the attempt failed.

Flight to the moon

A successful test of the rocket and the astronaut capsule were important prerequisites for the ambitious space program Chinawhich is planning flights to the moon, Mars and the construction of a space station.

The “Long March 5B” type rocket is also to be used in the first Chinese Mars mission. The start is planned for July or August. The spaceship is scheduled to reach Mars in February.

Another unmanned flight to the moon is planned for the end of this year. For the first time in the history of the Chinese space program, “Chang’e 5” is supposed to bring back rock samples from the Earth’s satellite. The rocket is expected to launch the core module and other parts for the construction of the planned Chinese space station next year.


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