China’s threatening gestures are also a sign of weakness

The Chinese prime minister looked unusually tense, but the enemy was soon identified.

The Chinese premier Li Keqiang the sweat is on his forehead as he opens his opening speech People’s Congress considers: “Present and in the near future will China facing challenges like never before, ”he warns in his government statement against the approximately 2,980 delegates.

Even if the country ended its lockdown relatively quickly and the economy started up again, there is not much to be seen of euphoria. Compared to the United States the People’s Republic is much stronger from the global Economic situation dependent – and that is not where the movement has come in Beijing wishes.

Announced Li Keqiang Billion aid; measured against today’s economic output, however, they are significantly lower than after the global financial crisis in 2008.

Many observers had hoped for more impulses. When the bottom has been reached appears in China uncertainty still exist. This time the management would rather not commit itself to a growth target for the economy, as has been announced every year since 2002. Times are too uncertain.

Dispute with the United States

The head of government self-critically acknowledges “many weaknesses” in the reaction to the outbreak of the virus a. But he immediately switches to defensive and defends the handling China with the virus against criticism from abroad.

Especially against criticism from the United States, Where Donald Trump almost every day China responsible for the corona virus. The situation is likely to escalate, especially in the US presidential election campaign. The tone gets sharper every day. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the China State media simply call a “liar”, describes China Leadership in return as a “brutal, authoritarian regime”.

One of the numerous embers in the dispute with Washington is the situation in Hong Kongwhere people have been against the growing influence for more than a year Beijing protest. This resistance should now be fought more effectively: New security laws that are directed against “subversive activities and foreign interference” should ensure order in the future. Bypassing the Hong Kong Parliament, the People’s Congress enact the laws. Even Chinese security organs are said to be in Hong Kong can be used – a clear break in the previous autonomy according to the principle “one country, two systems”, which since the return of the British crown colony in 1997 China applies.

“The step of that Beijing own security law for Hong Kong did not come as a surprise. After the months of mass protests last year, the order had already been sent to the responsible commission of the People’s Congress issued ”, says a European diplomat to the KURIER and explains the reason from the Chinese side: Hong Kong has been in default for 23 years to deliver its own security law. The parliament in Hong Kong have never been able to agree on anything. “Beijing argues that China needs a legal basis against subversive and terrorist activities. Also for those who support it with money from abroad, ”he reports.

Protest calls

New Mass protests in Hong Kong are inevitable – in activist groups the anger boils over that Chinese security organs could become active. Direct interference Beijing is also not popular with the broader population. The crisis-stricken special administrative zone is likely to face even more difficult times.

“I think the law is for Hong Kong a warning, a tail in the window. Beijing then has a legal basis to take more action against critics and rioters, ”says the diplomat. But he doesn’t believe in an army deployment.


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