Chinese Tesla Model 3 gains in equipment

Recently refreshed, the Tesla Model 3 gains new updates in its interior.

To get closer to the Tesla Model Y, the Model 3 has gained an update with new equipment. It continues its momentum and now unveils a new interior endowment.

Still in the wake of the Model Y, the electric sedan now adopts very minor cosmetic touch-ups. We thus note the appearance of an extension of the wood veneer on the storm doors, while a heated steering wheel appears.

This additional equipment is therefore added to previous aesthetic and technical improvements, including the emergence of a more efficient and less energy-consuming heat pump than the previous installation.

These new features are currently only added to the Chinese version of the Tesla Model 3, and only the Performance version benefits from the heated steering wheel. However, they will quickly gain the other versions as well as the cars intended for other markets, including France.


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